Product Care

All Merveau products are handmade and produced with real and high-quality leather. Natural materials used for our products such as leather and wood may undergo changes in time as a result of wrong usage.
The products must not be exposed to direct sunlight, humidity, water and heat sources; and they should be kept in their protective dust covers when not used. The products may harden and change colors when exposed to direct heat and sunlight.Contact with water, oil, paint, perfume, and other cosmetic products must be avoided.
The color of leather and suede may change in time as a result of usage, exposure and light, and they may color to light-colored clothing.
Materials such as leather, suede and nubuck must be cleaned with their own care products.
In order for the products not to be scratched, they must be kept away from abrasive and rough surfaces.
Irregularities on the leather resulting from the leather finish, and color changes that may occur due to usage result from the natural structure of the leather, and these shall not be considered as faulty products.